PHM-TWN Webinar (July 07) – Access to Covid19 Medical Products – Possibilities and Challenges

Even after six months of struggle against Covid19 pandemic, many countries are facing difficulties in accessing medical products such as personal protective equipment for healthcare workers, diagnostics and therapeutics. As vaccines are developed, there are concerns, how these will be made available promptly, in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices to meet global demand. The availability of and access to medical products has been compounded by “business as usual” approaches to access that prioritizes the profits of big pharma even in times of a global health and humanitarian crisis. Lack of timely access to medical products is one of the main reasons behind the suboptimal response to Covid-19 pandemic in many developing countries.

Against this background, People’s Health Movement with the support of Third World Network invites you to a webinar on – “Access to Covid19 Medical Products – Possibilities and Challenges” to discuss issues around access to medical products.

Date and Time  – July 07 (Tuesday) at 01.30 p.m. GMT 
1) Tendai Mafuma, Researcher-Public Health, Section 27
Access to Medical Products –  South Africa Experience

2) Sangeeta Shashikant, Programme Coordinator, Third World Network
Global Initiatives: Will they deliver equitable access.

3) Kate Elder, Senior Vaccines Policy Adviser, MSF Access Campaign
Access to Vaccines: Ensuring equity or “Business as usual”

Moderator – Gargeya Telakapalli, People’s Health Movement