Health for All Campaign

Renewing the Health For All Campaign through Thematic Areas

PHM developed the Health For All Campaign as its central campaign and to serve as an umbrella for more specific activism around priority social determinants of health, called Thematic Areas. PHM’s Thematic Areas and sub-themes have shifted over the years, depending on the focus of PHM activist interests, initiatives of global governance organisations, and the broader context of the struggle for health. In recent years, the Health For All Campaign has been used mainly as a platform for the thematic areas. Specific work within thematic areas is advanced through thematic circles, comprised of activists working in countries and regions as well as PHM’s global programmes.

Currently PHM has six thematic circles. The respective thematic circle pages/links below review the thematic area, current work in the area, and long- and short-term goals.

If you wish to volunteer/have any questions regarding the Health for all Campaign or any of the six thematic groups please contact deepika[at]phmovment[dot]org or the respective thematic coordinators.