Let’s come together at the 4th People’s Health Assembly !

Fourth People’s Health Assembly taking place 15-19 November 2018 in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Civil society mobilization and policy dialogue for health equity and accountable national and global governance for health.

Background to the Assembly

We are faced today with a global health crisis that is characterized by inequities related to a range of social determinants of health and in access to health services within countries and between countries. In many regions of the world, health systems are poorly designed, under-resourced, and of poor quality, thereby contributing to unacceptable rates of morbidity and mortality. In large measure, the poor and the vulnerable are being pushed further to the margins due to pitifully inadequate measures to address the social determinants of health. They are also denied access to quality health services as a consequence of unfair economic structures and social conditions that lock people into poverty and ill-health. In recent years, austerity measures in both the global South and the North have further compromised access, often as a consequence of the dismantling of public services and the increasing reliance on private provision of healthcare. The achievement of universal and secure access to comprehensive healthcare services can be a reality only through the revitalization of comprehensive primary health care, as envisioned in the Alma-Ata Declaration of 1978. The People’s Charter for Health endorses the Alma Ata declaration, and affirms that health is a social, economic and political issue — but above all, a fundamental and inalienable human right.

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People’s Health Assembly 2018