Building a Movement for Health

Aux origines de la plate-forme d’action santé et solidarité (BELGIUM)

Region: Europe

Language: French

Source: web interview (

Author(s): PASS (Belgian Platform for action on Heatlh and Solidarity)

Summary: History of the originis of this Belgian network created in 2008 after a conference, that includes NGOs, “mutuelles” (social health insurances), “maisons medicales” (health centres), and trade unions… Background in the movements opposing neoliberal globalisation, critical to the Millenium Development Goals and supportive of Alma Ata (progressive vision on health and health care). Challenges of working across diversity of backgrounds/constituencies and the importance of common actions. Challenges in networking (e.g. in adopting the “network identity”, especially by stronger members, or in the link between individuals participating in a network and their influence in the organisation they “represent”).

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Key practices: advocacy, campaigns; networking, alliances and cooperation

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