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People’s Health Hearing-COP26 November: Call for Contributions/ Formulario de Inscripción

The events and processes of the People’s Health Hearing Nov ’21 can be watched on this Youtube Channel- The other videos submitted to People’s Health Hearing Nov ’21 from different … Read more

Webinar: Making the Connection: Fracking, Plastic and People’s Health (4th Feb, 4 30 PM Pacific Time/  00:30 UTC (5th Feb))

PHM Extractive Industries/Ecosystem and Health thematic circle and Hesperian Health Guides are organising a discussion about the connections between Fracking and Plastic Production and Disposal, and how raising awareness about … Read more

A woman holding a placard sign saying "Bloody Petroleum"

Connecting the right to health and anti-extractivism globally/Conectando o direito à saúde e o antiextrativismo globalmente

Our members from the Environment and Ecosystem Health wrote an article connecting the anti extractivist movement to Right to Health and talk through examples of extractivism acitvities and resistance movements … Read more