[EN/ES] Stigmatization of health workers in contexts of armed conflict/ 19th April ’23, 2 PM UTC

ENGLISH Those who missed the webinar can find the recording below- https://us06web.zoom.us/rec/share/hdQ_T4rWAnJZa0Hy88JJ2WvkuDRUcI1xToIlKg9RyaT-ulZoZ3bGwnUbVz2ePGj5.AWa5lUlyC4GJ–tV Passcode: fzG55K*t Also click here for the presentation/PPT for-  i. Philippines case ii. Colombia case. ______ The People’s … Read more

[EN/ES/FR] PHM webinar on UHC_23 March / Seminario web de MSP sobre UHC_23 de marzo / Webinaire PHM sur la santé publique universelle_23 mars

PHM is organising an online session on Universal Health Coverage during the Be-cause health conference Breaking taboos in Global Health.  UHC has come to be taken as the main health strategy for our times. The … Read more