PHM Uganda Newsletter (August-December, 2019)

Before we close 2019, we have been engaged in a couple of events from August through December 2019 which we have documented through our Newsletter:

  1. UHC Day 2019,“Keep The Promise”How much have you educated/informed your community about UHC and the UN High Level Meeting Political Declaration on UHC? Find it in this Newsletter;
  2. Health cooperation,What Transpired At “Beyond aid” – the Kampala Initiative? (How civil society can challenge the reality of Aid and its shortcomings.
  3. COPASAHSymposium 2019. New Delhi
  4. Civil society’s role in access to medicines(Where is our space in enhancing sensitive  public health TRIPS Flexibilities in African Region Intellectual Property   Organization (ARIPO)?
  5. Strengthening Education and Trainingin  Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights  (SET-SRHR) Training (embracing transformative approaches both in gender and age perspectives to challenge discriminatory socially constructed norms that impede access to Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Services)
  6. World Bank meeting on the mid-term review on the implementation of the Result Based Financing (RBF/URMCHIP) mechanism in Uganda.
  7.  IPHU Training Workshop  “Struggle for health and Access to affordable medicines” Cape Town
  8. Our position on GMO Mosquitoes,  (Response from Dr Danny Gotto)

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