PHM Sri Lanka: Doing away with Terrorism and Extremism

We denounce terrorist activities on the Easter Sunday and turmoil caused by extremist elements twenty two days later with equal detest.  As well these should not be outcomes within a civilized society.

These incidents proved beyond doubt that terrorism and all forms of extremism nurture each other. Being committed to the cause of social equality, we reject both these extremes and appeal to all citizens to get involved in uprooting these evils from the Sri Lankan society.

Therefore, we, in People’s Health Movement urge all citizens to uphold the following approaches:

  1. Initiating a dialogue to establish a Sri Lankan nation that uphold Sri Lankan identity without any discrimination or marginalization against even a minute social group within all Sri Lankan social strata.


  1. Implementing a scientific and logical common legal system that embodies all citizens within its limits enabling the continuation of religious practices of different religious denominations and ethnicity specific cultural values.


  1. Developing essential practices that support coexistence of all ethnic groups through a common school system that is open to all students from all religious and ethnic demarcations to learn together.


  1. Embodying human rights as a subject in school curricula that enables students realize the rights of self and others and instill the value of safeguarding rights of each other from childhood.


  1. Creating an environment that ensures safety and justice among all ethnic and religious groups.


People’s Health Movement Sri Lanka