PHM Nepal: PHA4 mobilisation activities!

PHM Nepal having its secretariat at RECPHEC (Resource Center for Primary Health Care), a National NGO in Kathmandu which is mobilizing for 4PHA through students’ circle and country circle. Public health students from different Universities of Nepal are engaged in students circle and conducting series of meetings and discussions over the agendas of PHA4 to gain understanding on them and be able to make a critique.

Young activists who had participated in IPHU Nepal, WHO watch are facilitating the processes.

Similarly PHM country circle is communicating with health and non health activists of Nepal in order to develop PHM Nepal’s position with regards to agendas of PHA4.

We have decided to make an open call to select the candidates to attend 4PHA at Bangladesh. The selection would be based on participants’ understanding and experience about PHM and activism. Young activists and students will be given priority during the selection process. A National

People’s Health Assembly has been planned in September, 2018 to finalize the Nepal’s position and agenda in PHA4. Before that series of preparatory meetings and discussions are being conducted in different parts of Nepal.