Building a Movement for Health

Mise en place et fonctionnement du PHM Cameroun (CAMEROON)

Region: Africa

Language: French

Year: 2016

Source: Contribution for manual

Author(s): Serge Djacpou Djomo (PHM Cameroun)

Summary: PHM Cameroun started in 2011 (before there were only individuals involved); in 2012 a national office was created. It is an informal network, however some new oragnisations have joined. There are four focal points that cover the country. Their mission is to mobilise the peoople in the struggle for health and to share information. No joint action has yet been organised, mainly because of difficulties in getting together through meetings. There is a project, slowly moving, of writing a Statute and Rules of procedure, and a connection with PHM Gabon for support and validation. Table with activities run by each member organisation (mainly in Centre/South; 2 in North; 1 in North West; none East). These include: HIV/AIDS prevention/support/care (children, women, youth), immunization (awareness raising), care of the elderly (community action). Challenges: lack of financial means to regulary hold meetings, such as a general assembly that is scheduled since more than two years.

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Key practices: structure and organisation; networking, alliances and cooperation

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