International Conference on Critical Public Health Consequences of the Double Burden of Malnutrition and the Changing Food Environment in South and South East Asia

This 3 Day International Conference will take place in New Delhi 28-30 March, 2018.

Specific objectives of the conference:
To  harness  evidence regarding the prevalence of  both  under  nutrition and  ‘over-nutrition’,  as well  as  the  associations between  nutrition  and disease,  policy  and programme responses.
To  catalyse  civil  society action  to  support community-based efforts  to  reshape  the food and nutrition policy landscape.
To  bring  together  global and  regional  policy makers,  academics, researchers,  nutrition advocates and activists.
To  support  development and  implementation  of policies and programmes that promote better public health, nutrition and the control of communicable and  non-communicable diseases

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Participants will have the facility to make oral and poster presentations. For all abstract submissions and queries, write to