Course Announcement- IPHU Barcelona: How to Transform our Healthcare Systems (May to June 2021)

IPHU Barcelona: How to Transform our Healthcare Systems (May to June 2021)
Last date to apply: 24th March
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The International People’s Health University (IPHU) aims to bring together activists for the right to health from Europe and around the world to open a space for learning, empowerment and networking. Through this collective learning experience, we expect participants to gain useful abilities and knowledge for their roles as activists, while also enabling them to contribute to collective strategies which may help advance the goal of Health for All, both locally and worldwide. 

The IPHU is an initiative from the People’s Health Movement (PHM-Europe), co-organised on this occasion with the Health Rights Action (HRA) team in Barcelona.

IPHU trainers and contributors are long-term recognised activists, professors and professionals involved in the struggle for the right to health worldwide: from Mozambique and the Philippines to Argentina, the UK, Belgium and Catalonia. They will share both their knowledge on issues related to health and healthcare systems, as well as their experience from campaigns and advocacy for the right to health. 

Participants are expected to be people who are already active or are willing to get involved in movements which fight for the right to health. People with a desire to gain capacities and create collective bonds that help local and global movements. 

Candidates from any region can apply to participate, although there may be a selection process to ensure regional balances and teamwork within the group. 

Where and How
This IPHU will be mostly online, and will make use of audiovisual and e-learning materials created for the occasion, though the whole methodological approach is designed to generate as much cooperation, networking, and collective potential as possible.

Thematic Focus
The focus of this IPHU is to provide a set of skills, knowledge and learning experiences which will enable activists to collectively generate systemic social changes which affect our healthcare systems and health models so they guarantee health for all. 

The course will be conducted in English and Spanish. Translation between these languages will be provided.

The contents of the training are organised across 7 modules, with 2 main blocks: 

  1. On health, healthcare and rights: half of the sessions will explore major topics related to the right to health, healthcare systems and models. These modules will be structured in two main parts: a description of the problematic reality, and existing alternatives/strategies for change. 
  2. Practical competences for activism: advocacy, communication, campaigning. An important part of the learning process will focus on developing competences for advocacy and campaigning, in addition to working together to design strategies and tools to raise awareness and bring about systemic change. 


May to June 2021: The IPHU will begin on 4th May and run until 25th June. Every week will be dedicated to a new module, with live gatherings with trainers and facilitators on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 p.m. CET. During the week, participants may choose to take time to work at their own pace, or try to concentrate on participating during the live-session days.

See below a schedule of planned live sessions ( can be downloaded- click here)

PRE-MEETING: Meeting participants, contributors and commenting the programme April 14th at 6pm

MODULE 0: Introduction May 4th (6-9pm CET)

MODULE 1: An intersectional approach to health May 6th, 11th & 13th (6-9pm CET)  

MODULE 2: Health models & Healthcare systems May 18th & 20th (6-9pm CET) 

 MODULE 3: Privatisation and commodification of Health May 25th & 27th  (6-9pm CET) 

MODULE 4: Activism, campaigning & social transformation June 1st & 3rd (6-9pm CET) 

MODULE 5: Campaigns and communication for the right to health June 8th & 10th (6-9pm CET) 

MODULE 6: Advocacy: pushing for systemic changes June 15th & 17th (6-9pm CET) 

MODULE 7: Acting now: Building advocacy and communication strategies

June 22nd & 24th (6-9pm CET)

CLOSING: Time to build the movement June 25th (6-9pm CET)

Last date for applying for the Course: 24th March

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