Building a Movement for Health

LAICRIMPO SALUD: Espacio de integración, red de redes, hacia un mundo saludable (ARGENTINA)

Region: Latin America

Language: Spanish

Year: 2016

Source: Contribution for manual

Author(s): Marcela Bobatto (PHM Argentina)

Summary: Movement initiated in 1990 by a group of sisters, active in health care in the North East of Argentina, who decided to address the issue of the health of the poorest. Through yearly meetings that continue today, the movement became national involving groups and organisations active in rural and urban settings, health workers, educators, ect. These meetings were self-sustained, based on mutual learning and sharing of experiences of community health (concrete practices to protect and promote health). Intersectoral collaboration was also important, engaging institutional programmes (incl. in agriculture), church/missionary activities, etc., also at the international level (e.g. PHM-LA). Key concepts: “salud integral” (comprehensive/holistic health); alegremia (happyness through our body, as a health indicator). Vision: health in the hands of the community (environment → food → health); ecosystem health; right to health = right to live in a healthy world. Methodology: popular education, workshops to share and learn practices (“plants for health”, home gardens, etc.).

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Key practices: relationships, wellbeing, pleasure in doing things together, values; networking, alliances and cooperation; mutual learning, knowledge generation; popular education, transferable skill building

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