Webinar on “Resisting Militarisation of Covid Response”. 

PHM Thematic group on “War, Conflict, Occupation and Forced Migration” roganised a webinar on “Resisting Militarisation of Covid Response”. 

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here below. The transcript of of the webinar will be made available soon.

August 25 //  1 P.M GMT (6:30 P.M Indian Time)

Speakers: Michael Lim Tan (Medical Anthropologist-Philippines), Elham Jameel  (Civil Society/Health Activist- Yemen), Sameer Jabour  ( Academician-Lebanon), Maira Mathias-  (Journalist-Brazil)

Brief Intervention: Rajni Soren (Human Rights Lawyer- India), Alexis Benos  (Academician/Health Activist-Greece)

Moderator:  Joseph Carabeo (Physician/Health Activist-Philippines)