Articles and Videos on Equitable Access to Covid-19 Medical Tools  

  • Interview of Sundararaman T., on how the Indian government has failed at multiple levels in containing COVID-19, Newsclick, April 2021
  • Our colleague Sun Kim wrote an op-ed (in Korean) on global (in)justice in the after-Covid19 era :The article highlights – i. ‘vaccine apartheid and vaccine imperialism’;  ii. recalls the global vaccine injustice during the 2009 swine flu pandemic and noting the Covid19 as the revival of it;  iii. implication of the proposed India- South Africa TRIPS Waiver as the ‘right to production of vaccines’ under the ‘development’ of the LMICs.
  • This article talks about how poor countries are paying more for the doses that remain after rich countries have had their fill. Vaccine Nationalism Is Patently Unjust. Nanjala Nyabola. March 2021
  • Author from PHM India talks about the current updates on vaccine development, the optimism around it, what promise it holds in the Indian context and the arising equity issues we need to take care of. –  “Covid vaccination poses both a challenge and an opportunity“- T Sundararaman. January, 2021