Building a Movement for Health

PHM Handbook

The PHM Handbook has been developed as part of the mandate derived from the PHM Strategic Plan 2020-2025. We quote below the purpose and description of such a handbook as it appears in the strategic plan.

 “Develop a PHM Handbook.

  • To improve onboarding guidance for PHM staff and volunteer activists as well as general transparency and consistency, the handbook will collect existing PHM governance and operational policies as well as information on roles, responsibilities, current representatives/coordinators, and resources.
  • Additional information will be documented including Secretariat responsibilities and accountability structures; guidelines for succession planning for key staff and volunteer roles; information on the ICT system and various resources and processes; thematic circle operations and links to best practices; guidelines for country circle functions, including establishing new and renewing existing circles, communication expectations and other responsibilities, and links to resources; and a refreshed mandate for the Advisory Council to address their role working as a collective advisory structure, communications with the SC and other PHM groups, and processes for engaging roles in fundraising, mentoring, and bridge building with other movements and networks..
  • This comprehensive and living handbook will support PHM’s institutional memory and enhance continuity and coordination of work across groups and time. “Mandate from the Strategic Plan-Pg. 36 section 8, of Strategies and Priority Actions for Strengthening PHM Movement”

Following are the chapters of the handbook. Please find links to the chapters that have been approved by the Steering Council of PHM till 8 September, 2022.

  1. Why a PHM Handbook: A Strategic Plan Requirement
  2. Principles of PHM Governance
  3. Main Governance Structures: Steering Council; Coordinating Commission and Finance Committee
  4. Advisory Council
  5. Thematic Circles
  6. Regional Co-ordination and Country Circles
  7. Global Secretariat and Global Communications
  8. Protocol for Support/Endorsing Statements
  9. Friends of PHM and Alliance Partners of PHM
  10. Gender Policy and Action Against Sexual Harassment English   Español
  11. Grievance Redressal


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