PHM condemns the Killing of PMRS volunteer paramedic Razan Al Najjar

Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) volunteer paramedic Razan Al Najjar, 21 years old, was shot and killed by an Israeli sniper as she was trying to provide first aid assistance to injured protesters in Khan Younis.

This was not the first time Razanwas was targeted by Israeli snipers. Razan was previously injured, where on April 20, she was shot in the foot with a rubber bullet, and on April 28 she was directly hit with a gas canister in the chest leaving her with burns.

PHM joins the PMRS in mourning this terrible loss and demands that Israel be held accountable for its crimes. Targeting medical personnel is a war crime under International Humanitarian Law and so is targeting unarmed civilians.

Read the full report from PMRS here.

Read the statement by the UN here: