Global Health Watch

Launch of Global Health Watch in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Since its first edition in 2005, Global Health Watch has been widely perceived as the definitive voice critically reporting on the state of the world’s health. It is published every three or four years commenting on the latest developments in global health while focusing on continuities with popular struggles from the past. The current edition draws heavily on analyses of the global health inequities that the pandemic has revealed, but it is not limited to that. It is designed to question present policies on health and to propose alternatives through new analysis and accounts of progressive social activism.

Join the launch of the book in Colombo:

Date: 22nd November

Time: 10.00 am

Venue: Nagarodaya Center, Colombo


  • Prof. Manuj Weerasinghe, South Asian Coordinator, PHM
  • Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne, Chairman, Sarvodaya Shramdana Movement


  • Menu De Silva
  • Srimal Peiris