Gender Thematic Circle mobilising for PHA4

In November this year, the PHM is organising the fourth Peoples Health Assembly (PHA4) As you may know, in November this year Peoples Health Movement (PHM) will be hosting the Fourth People’s Health Assembly (PHA 4) in Bangladesh. The Assembly will bring together civil society organisations and networks, social movements, academics and other stakeholders from around the globe to share experiences for mutual learning and to develop joint strategies to  resist  neoliberal approaches and transform the politics of health.

In advance of and beyond PHA4, PHM wants to reanimate its campaign work around “Gender Justice and Health”.  Some country circles and the global secretariat had initiated this campaign and have been trying to strengthen and expand it since 2012. However, this work has been uneven and not sustained.  The Assembly in November offers us an opportunity to reinvigorate the campaign. Those of you who are going to be in Bangladesh for the Assembly as well as those who are not, but would be interested in being part of the campaign, we  invite your ideas, inputs and support  in taking forward this conversation, and campaign:

–     Towards bringing together women’s groups and movements at the PHA4 and  building alliances with PHM country circles and networks work going forward. Can you suggest feminist organisations or gender activists in your country or region that work on health issues and who we should invite to this Assembly?

–        Feminist reading and training resources for PHM activists to reinforce that  patriarchal social relations are central to their practical and intellectual work.. Do you have training materials, case studies or organisational experiences you can share with us that we can use to cultivate a practice of making gender justice central to the work of PHM activists?

–        Build a two hour programme at PHA4 that acknowledges the complexities of collaborations but is able to ensure that health struggles display a commitment to gender justice. Would you be willing to assist in drafting a workshop programme for a two-hour session at PHA4, which helps us strengthen the campaign on Gender Justice and Health within PHM?I look forward to hearing from you at  and to working together to contribute to shaping this conversation within the PHM towards truly advancing health for all.

Let me know if you need any further information about anything. I will be happy to add/discuss. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

In solidarity,

Sarojini N

(On behalf of PHM Gender Circle)


Lauren Paremoer and Deepa V