Challenging entrenched ideas in global health

Excerpts from review of GHW5 in the British Medical Journal:

Since 2005 a transnational network of researchers and campaigners broadly sharing this second view, operating on a shoestring budget, has periodically produced Global Health Watch as an alternative to the better known (and better funded) annual outputs of the World Health Organization and the World Bank. In 2014, the fourth report7 began with an overview of how four decades of neoliberal globalisation increased inequality and undermined access to healthcare and opportunities for healthy life for many of the world’s people, in countries rich and poor. Global Health Watch 5,8 published in December 2017,continues the critique of neoliberalism but shifts the focus to more specific issues of governance and development policy, starting with the demanding political and institutional changes that will be needed if the sustainable development goals (SDGs)are to have any chance of being realised.

In continuing that trend, Global Health Watch 5 offers both a critique and a compelling counternarrative to dominant discourses on some of the intractable problems in global health today.

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