Building a Movement for Health

Building PHM in Uganda (UGANDA)

Region: Africa

Language: English

Year: 2016

Source: Contribution for manual

Author(s): Denis Bukenya, Danny Grotto (PHM Uganda)

Summary: The People’s Health Movement Uganda Chapter, founded in 2009 by a group of people who had completed the IPHU training, is a loose coalition with broad composition of individual persons and organizations who subscribe to the “Right to Health for All charter. Because PHM-Uganda is a small, new circle, key to their operation and growth have been opportunities to work with partners and other PHM groups locally, regionally and internationally. Activities seen as opportunities include partnership with programs (e.g. Go4Health) and PHM groups in the region to increase and build connections as well as hosting a regional PHM event. The authors list many challenges including the political environment in Uganda and poor strategic planning, networking, and guidance from PHM in the region and from PHM global. The authors also offer insight on the organic nature of the governance structure of PHM Uganda in the changing roles and responsibilities of those a part of this structure.

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Key practices: deccision-making, structure and organisation; communication; networking, alliances and cooperation

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