Announcement: Welcoming New PHM Global Coordinator

PHM Global Secretariat moves to India: Dr. T. Sundararaman appointed Global Coordinator

From November 2019 the PHM Global Secretariat is being hosted in India.  Dr. T. Sundararaman (known to many of us as Sundar) has been appointed Global Coordinator. This transfer is in line with the movement’s practice of rotating the secretariat across member countries. While it has been established in Savar, Bangladesh, it has been transferred to Bangalore, India, before transferring to Cairo, Egypt, and Cape Town in South Africa. Sundar will be the fifth global coordinator after Dr. Qasem Chowdhury, Dr. Ravi Narayan, Dr. Hani Serag and Bridget Lloyd.

For the last 10 years, from June 2009 – October 2019, PHM’s Global Secretariat has been hosted by the People’s Health Movement South Africa, and led by Bridget Lloyd. During this period some of the functions of the secretariat have been hosted by SAMA-Resource Group for Women and Health in India.

Like each period of PHM co-ordination, much has been achieved during the Cape Town period: Two People’s Health Assemblies have been held; the WHO Watch programme has become more systematic and structured around WHO agenda; the Health for All campaign has been structured around five specific thematic campaigns; under the able coordination of Amit Sengupta, three editions of GHW were released. A tool for strengthening country circles was developed and there has been significant growth in the strength and number of country circles, particularly in Africa. A new governance renewal system was implemented, with the structures better reflecting the gender and age diversity of PHM, and our governance has become more effective and responsive.

It was in consultation with PHM India (Jan Swasthya Abhiyan or JSA), that the global Steering Council decided that JSA would host the global secretariat for the coming 3 years. Earlier this year, the position of Global Coordinator was advertised and the selection committee recommended the Steering Council to appoint Dr Sundar to the position. He has started work on 1st November, 2019.

Dr. Sundararaman has been actively involved in the health and education movements in India with Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (PHM India) and All India People’s Science Network (AIPSN). He is a founding member of AIPSN and has been part of the PHM since its formation. He played a lead role in organising the first National Health Assembly and creating JSA.

Sundar joins the PHM Global Secretariat in India that will continue to be hosted by SAMA-Resource Group for Women and Health. The Cape Town secretariat would be winding up over the next month and from early 2020 onwards, the PHM’s global programs, campaigns and communications will be coordinated by the India-based secretariat although some functions, including finance, the coordination of some specific programs and regional and national coordination will still be carried out by individuals and member organisations in other countries. The Africa outreach functions would continue with Linda Shuro playing the role based out of Polokwane in South Africa.

We also want to take this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to Bridget Lloyd, the outgoing Global Coordinator, for her contributions, and Anneleen De Keukelaere who has supported various functions out of Cape Town. Both will continue to be involved in the movement and Bridget remains an ex-officio member of PHM’s global Steering Council as the past Coordinator.

We welcome Sundar to this very important position and look forward to the further development of PHM over the next 3 years.

Sulakshana Nandi (PHM co-chair) on behalf of the Global Steering Council

7 November 2019


(Letter in PDF Here)