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  1. Uncertainity and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care. Kenneth J Arrow. 1963.
  2. Resources on Universal Health Coverage can be found on this UHC page-
  3. This publication contains short analysis of more detailed case studies of PPPs across different sectors and countries. Our thematic group member Sulakshana Nandi has contribute a chapter on “Case study on the impact of PPPs through publicly-funded insurance schemes on women in India, with special reference to Chhattisgarh state”.  “Public Private Partnerships and Women’s Human Rights: Feminist Analysis from the Global South”. Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era. March, 2021.  
  4. The authors, through an analysis of news/media items, discuss the market failure in private healthcare sector in the LMICs that we saw in the Covid pandemic and the three types of crisis it brought about. “The failure of private health services: COVID-19 induced crises in low- and middle-income country (LMIC) health systems”. Williams et al. Jan, 2021.
  5. PHM North America  and PHM Europe along with others organised a series of public discussions on privatisation of long-term care (old age homes, institutions for patients suffesring from mental health issues etc). Recording in French and English mix. Nov, 2020.
  6. Webinar organised by PHM Europe and European Network Against Privatization and Commercialisation of Health and Social Protection. “Why is Privatisation Bad for Health Care”: May 2020.

Publicly funded health insurance (PFHI) schemes for Universal Health Insuarance (UHC) in LMICs

1. Video recording by our PHM member Sulakshana Nandi. In addition to collating evidence from different LMICs, it highlights the genesis and current politics regarding health insurance, UHC and PHC-

2. Two years ago during the UN-High Level Meeting on UHC in 2019, PHM members did a series of articles on the issue:

i. The South Korean Experience by Sun Kim-

ii. The Croatian experience by Ana Vracar-

iii. The Indian Experience by Sulakshana Nandi-