Health Workers Under Attack

The PHM online gallery portrays individual cases of health workers worldwide facing several forms of repression, whose political and civil liberties, and in some cases even lives, are at stake. Attacks against health workers impede people from getting the necessary healthcare, violating international humanitarian law. PHM country circles and activists identified these emblematic cases and campaign to seek justice. With this gallery we hope to raise awareness of the problem, strengthen campaigns of PHM country circles seeking justice, and share activities and calls to action.

Health workers, mostly women, around the world, have dedicated their lives to care for others defending human rights and people’s health at a time when there are deep struggles defending the right to health globally. For these women, social leaders, health rights activists and advocates, their work has come at a high price, exposing themselves and their families to threats, imprisonment, attacks, and, in some cases, assassinations.

We advocate for them, we celebrate their lives and struggles, and call to action to stop attacks against health workers and the end of impunity in violence against them.

María Cristina Cobo, Colombia

Dr. Naty Castro, The Philippines

Dora María Téllez, Nicaragua

Dr. Şebnem Korur Fincancı, Turkey

Health Workers, Tigray

Dr. Mary Sancelan, The Philippines

Zara Alvarez, The Philippines

Shatha Odeh, Palestine

VIDEO María Cristina Cobo Mahecha: Esperanza, memoria y resiliencia / Hope, memory and resilience / Espoir, mémoire et résilience [EN/ES/FR]